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Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co., Ltd. Marketing Corp.

Address:  No. 88, Jinye 1st Road, Hi-tech Development Zone, Xi'an,710077 • Shaanxi Province • China

Molybdenum Metallurgical Dept. +86-(0)29-88378773
Domestic Molybdenum Metallurgical Dept. +86-(0)29-88378003
Molybdenum Chemical Dept. +86-(0)29-88378772
Domestic Molybdenum Chemical Dept. +86-(0)29-88378019
Molybdenum Metal Dept. +86-(0)29-88378623
Domestic Molybdenum Metal Dept. +86-(0)29-88378002
Sulfur Product Dept. +86-(0)29-88378030


Fax: +86-29-88378770 / 88378771
Post Code: 710077




Marketing Strategy

Relying on international and domestic markets and resources, we are aiming at creating values for customers, dedicating to R&D and manufacture of high-valued moly metallurgical, moly chemical and moly metal products.  With the product differentiation strategy we are driving for high-end consumption field, and we can supply customer with high quality products and satisfy your various requirement on service.



Market Development

We are aiming at end-user of moly metallurgical, moly chemical and moly metal products, to build global marketing network and research new applications in aerospace, supper alloy filed as well as explore the emerging market. With the strategic partners on high technical products and the stable customer relationship the voice of Chinese JDC can be heard everywhere in moly world.