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The flag of Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co., Ltd. comes from the abbreviation of company’s English name-JDC, which reflected both national character and international integration.

The basic color of the flag(BLUE), refers to sea and sky., representing a broad, deep, vise and timeless sight.

The logo is properly deformed from based bold letters in English; give people an impression of reliability and trust.

English sense of the flag: the "J" refers to Jewel (gem of Italy), which represents the precious of company's products; the "D" refer to Dynamism (vitality, dynamism of Italy), which combined "innovation, excellence" and philosophy of “people oriented” together; "C" refer to Credit (trust,), and that the spirit of "good faith" and “win-win" concept.

The overall modeling of the logo is a 21-degree angle, like a train with high speed, and symbol of the rapid development of enterprise and never-ending pursue. The entire logo is simple, crisp and gives people a strong visual impact with a sense of speed and balance.

The overall graphics of “JDC” is similar to number "100", indicating our pursuit on quality. The letters "DC" contrast four shading dotted line, and cut out 9 similar small units symbolize the huge influence of corporate brand and accommodate many excellence deep mind, as well as represents the diversification of the company. "DC" is partially taken both with dotted and real performance. Solid shape expresses the foundation of the company, and the virtual image symbolizes company’s open mind and continuous vitality. The mix of curves and straight lines together bring a beauty, fresh and dignified sight to people, and also refers to the pursuit for excellence of JDC..