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Research Platform

 Platform Construction

The Technology Center of JDC-Group (short for JDC-TC) is mainly engaged in technological research and products development of Molybdenum and other refractory metals. JDC-TC is regarded as the national grade technology center, Shaanxi Provincial Molybdenum Materials Engineering Technology Research Center, Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation and Shaanxi Provincial Academician Expert Workstation. JDC-TC has three technological workshops ranking first by terms of scales, respectively committed to research on molybdenum metallurgical, molybdenum chemicals, molybdenum metals, equipped with international advanced instruments and equipments. JDC-TC sponsors the issuance of China Molybdenum Industry, a core public science and technology journal in China. JDC-TC has obtained lots of achievements in new products development and progress in science and technology research. JDC-TC has become the important base to support and lead scientific and technological development and progress of China’s Molybdenum Industry.




Research and Development Strength

JDC-Group owns a technical R&D team with more than 450 staff, among which, there are 101 staff with master degree or above, and 5 staff with post doctor degree and 127 staff with senior professional title.



Cooperation and Exchanges

In order to keep pace with the international advanced technologies and keep domestic leading position in basic technical research, application research and industrialization, JDC-Group has developed a long and steady strategic cooperation relationship with universities, enterprises and research institutes, namely Xi’an Jiaotong University, Central South University, Northwest Polytechnical University, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Plansee SE of Austria, Phelps DG of the United States, Philips of Holland, Osram of Germany.