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High Manganese Steel Crushing Product

The production of this product adopts vanishing negative compaction molding and standard heat processing, thus forming smooth surface without sand sticking with features of abrasive resistance, impact toughness, stable and reliable quality. Its chemical components, mechanical performances and metallographic structure meet all requirements of the national standard, which is suitable for grinding process with high impact toughness and high stress.

Major Parameters: tensile strength σb≥686Mpa; hardness: HRC=175~229; impact toughness: ak=150J/ / cm2; extension rate: δ≥25%.

Implementation Standard: Q/JX-Z/KFK02-2004

Application: for enterprises with properties such as molybdenum mine, iron mine, copper mine, gold mine, lead and zinc mine and etc.

Application Case: for grinding equipments of Jinduicheng Molybdenum Mining Corporation, with an average service life of more than 1800 hours.