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Magnetic Lining Board

The magnetic board is to attach a layer of magnetic matter on surface of the board working surface as protection layer, reducing direct contact of the lining working surface with the moving medium and material, thus to reduce abrasion and prolong service life of the lining board. In terms of magnetic minerals, the service life of magnetic lining board is 4-6 times of that of the manganese steel lining board with expansion of grinding volume, increase of processing volume, reducing load of grinding machine and electricity consumption without maintenance and highly improving the working performances of the grind machine.

Major Parameters: impact toughness>100J; extension rate: δ≥40%; area reduction ø>30%;hardness HB>90; magneto conductivity>1.005.

Implementation Standard: Q/JX-Z/KFK02-2004

Application: for enterprises with properties such as molybdenum mine, iron mine, copper mine, gold mine, lead and zinc mine and etc.

Application Case: for dressing equipments of Jinduicheng Molybdenum Mining Corporation, with an average service life of more than 6 years.