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Commercial Property Management Corporation

In July 2009, confronting the international financial crisis, JDC-Group established Xi’an Commercial Property Management Department (short for CPMD), a sub-organ, mainly aiming at realizing industrial and products structural adjustment, and finally prompting a multiple development of JDC-Group. CPMD is mainly engaged in operation and management of six commodity properties of JDC-Group in Xi’an City and Hainan City, such as Mudu Chang’an Building, Guodu Comprehensive Building, Gaoxin Building, Jierui Building, Tianbao International Building, Hainan Yuhai International Building. CPMD has three offices including Comprehensive Office, Operational Office and Service Office with 13 employees. CPMD takes Scientific Development and Sustainable Operation as it working principles. CPMD takes ensuring rent recovery and safety as the prerequisite, fully relies on regional territorial advantages of each property, selects among quality and excellent customers, thus to ensure quality and targets of property management and finally realize steady and long-term benefits of those properties.