Investment Management

Investment Management

Engineering Corporation

Brief Introduction

Jinduicheng Molybdenum Engineering Corporation (short for JMEC) is a subsidiary of JDC-Group. It was established in October 1969 just as an engineering department of JDC-Group formerly, and in 1993, it was officially restructured and renamed as Jinduicheng Molybdenum Engineering Corporation with a registration capital of RMB 51 million Yuan. JMEC is mainly engaged in engineering construction with qualifications of housing construction general contracting second grade, mining engineering construction general contracting second grade, earthwork specialized contracting second grade, steel structure engineering specialized contracting second grade, anti-corrosion and insulation engineering specialized contracting second grade, decoration engineering specialized contracting third grade.


Management Organs

JMEC consists of 8 management departments and 5 working teams with a total staff of 121. It has more than 60 staff in different management positions and various technical positions, among which, there are 2 with senior professional title and 17 with intermediate professional title.

Qualification Upgrade and Future Development Outlook

JMEC is a sub-organ of JDC-Group, which is mainly engaged in mechanical loading operation of sulfur and annual tailing dam operation of JDC-Group, not only proving direct services to the major production fields of JDC-Group, but also forming special advantages of production and arrangement.JMEC provides transportation services for the open pit during its stripping operational stage as participation into the main production operation of JDC-Group, playing a leverage role during the multiple operational pattern of the mine pit, solving the problems occurring during the multiple operation strategy of the mine pit in its stripping operation and transportation. JMEC tries its best to give endeavors to support related construction works during JDC-Group’s technical reforms, methods, maintenance and newly construction projects and to control investment capitals efficiently.During recent years, JDC-Group takes great endeavors to prompt its steps in reform and opening-up. After JDC-Moly got successfully listed, some new problems on related-party transactions occurred accordingly, which should be solved and coordinated as well. JMEC should try its best to be qualified and competitive to participate into competition and bidding of all construction works on a fair and equitable basis, providing better services and playing sufficient roles.

For over ten years’ development, on its way to be enlarged and competitive, JMEC consolidates its comprehensive strength and gets ready to participate into a social-ranged industrial market competition. The present management team of JMEC has drawn out its development blueprint that is to take engineering projects construction as major business, adhere to the “inside strong quality, outside tree figure” approach, try to make each construction project as a model and form friendly and sustainable relationship with colleague parties, thus to enlarge the market share finally. After years’ efforts, JMEC has improved the comprehensive construction level obvious based on continuous strengthening construction site management, severe requirements of quality, progress, safety and civilized construction.

In recent years, JMEC is active to participate into some housing construction in Hua County, Weinan City, Xi’an City and etc, to accumulate precious experiences on construction management and techniques, to get information about the construction market timely, to clarify and be acquainted with all procedures and requirements about industrial competition. It is really a trial step for JMEC to get the bidding to construct the student Union hall for Xi’an Polytechnic University. As JDC-Group is engaged to have some buildings constructed in East Chang’an district of Xi’an City as staff welfare, JMEC has also caught the precious opportunity and participated into the construction affairs. JMEC really got precious experiences during its endeavors outside, which paves and ensures its way to be a market-oriented construction company.