Investment Management

Investment Management

Staff General Hospital of JDC-Group

Staff General Hospital of JDC-Group (short for SGH) was formerly constructed in 1958 with a former name of Staff Hospital. In 1988, the staff Hospital was restructured and named as General Hospital of JDC-Group. In 1998, SGH was approved and accessed by Shaanxi Provincial Health Bureau as Grade One Class Two hospital. In 1999, SGH was checked and approved by Ministry of Health as Baby-friendly Hospital.


SGH has professional departments including internal medicine department, surgery department, gynecology and obstetrics department, pediatrics department, traditional Chinese medicine department, ophthalmology department, stomatology department, dermatology department, emergency care department, prevention and health care department, laboratory department, radiology department, pharmacy department, equipment department, sterilization and supply office, medical office, operation room and so on. In recent years, SGH added some new departments focusing on pain and pathological specialty. SGH also has a clinic branch in Siping of Jinduicheng Town, Weinan City and Chang’an District of Xi’an City respectively.

Presently, SGH has 186 employees, among which, there are 25 medical staff with senior title, and 96 with intermediate title. SGH is equipped with a series of advanced equipments including CT, common X machine, C type arm X ray machine, color B ultrasound, electronic microscopic gastrointestinal endoscope, hysteroscopy, colposcopy, multi-functional anesthesia machine, full automatic biochemical analyzer, blood rheology analyzer, cardiac defibrillation monitor and etc with 110 hospital beds, which can meet basic medical needs of staff and workers of GDC-Group.

SGH targets its functions as to conduct prevention, management and clinical diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, to respond and conduct emergency treatment to public health emergency affairs in mining area, and conduct emergency treatment. In order to satisfy the medical requirements of staff and their families, in recent years, SGH continues to strengthen internal management, improve medical skills of staff, especially on myoma of uterus and cardiovascular diseases that multi-occurred among staff and workers. SGH also conducts regular health physical examination, community health care, chronic disease management and other special services. We always uphold “providing services to all staff and workers” with quality and considerate services and superb technologies, all for staff and workers of JDC-Group and all for back-supports to production and operation of JDC-Group.