Investment Management

Investment Management

Jinduicheng Canada Resources Corporation Limited

Jinduicheng Canada Resources Corporation Limited (short for JCR) is a mineral resources enterprise registered in Canada with Jinduicheng Molybdenum Group (short for JDC-Group) as its majority shareholder. JDC-Group is a subsidiary wholly owned by Shaanxi Non-ferrous Metals Holding Group Co., Ltd. JCR is a platform of JDC-Group to conduct international resources development. JCR is mainly engaged in exploration, development and operation of metal-mineral resources besides molybdenum in American international market and pursuing for acquisition opportunities.


Shareholders of JCR consist of Jinduicheng Molybdenum Group Co., Ltd., Northwest Nonferrous International Investment Company Ltd., Fosun Gold Holdings Limited, Arich Investments Ltd., Silvercorp Metals Inc., and Northern Mineral Investment Corporation. The initial target of JCR was to acquire Yukon Zinc Corporation (a Canadian mining company with properties like Wolverine Mine in Yukon), and to acquire other mineral resources near the Wolverine Mine within Yukon Zinc. Yukon Zinc Corporation, formerly founded in 1993 as Expatriate Resources, sharpened its focus on the emerging Finlayson District in the Yukon. In 2004, Expatriate Resources changed its name as Yukon Zinc Corporation, mainly focusing on exploration and feasibility study reports of Wolverine Mine. In 2008, JCR acquired Yukon Zinc Corporation successfully.

JCR is committed to operate the Wolverine zinc-silver mine through its wholly-owned subsidiary company – Yukon Zinc Corporation to conduct management, operation, development and marketing thoroughly. Wolverine mine is a multi-metal underground mine with high taste of zinc, silver, copper, lead and gold. It is the first metal mine in North American region acquired, operated, developed and constructed successfully by a China’s state owned mining enterprise through way of shareholding.