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The International Trade Division of Jinduicheng Molybdenum Group Co., Ltd. was established in May 2018 and is affiliated with Jinduicheng Molybdenum Group Co., Ltd. Its main business include the processing, scientific research, and sales of mineral products (excluding mineral resource exploration and mining), as well as the import and export of various self-operated and agency commodities and technologies (excluding those prohibited or restricted by the state). It also engages in bulk commodity trading of non-ferrous metal products such as copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, and nickel. In 2018, the company had a sales revenue of RMB 3.863 billion and a operating profit of RMB 2.5371 million. In 2019, the sales revenue was RMB 11.476 billion, and the operating profit was RMB 8.5675 million. In 2020, the sales revenue was RMB 11.546 billion, and the operating profit was RMB 12.0417 million. In 2021, the sales revenue was RMB 10.021 billion, and the operating profit was RMB 13.4191 million.

The International Trade Division of the Company takes the opportunity of promoting lean management and enhancing core competitiveness, benchmarks against high-quality customers upstream and downstream, expands its trade business areas, continuously cultivates and creates new profit growth points, establishes a market analysis mechanism to fully grasp the dynamics of the non-ferrous metal market, improves the system construction, strictly controls business risks, optimizes the business environment with policy support, strengthens the anti-epidemic defense, accelerates resumption of work and production, strengthens fine management, builds a talent team, seizes opportunities in crisis, actively participates and achieves high-quality development. By closely monitoring the market, scientifically judging and accurately grasping market trends, the overall market competitiveness of the International Trade Division has been greatly improved.

The International Trade Division of the company adheres to the corporate spirit of “integrity, innovation, and leading,” focusing on the challenges and pressures that customers are concerned about, providing competitive products and trade models, and adopting a proactive marketing concept to develop trade operations in the market. On the basis of equality and mutual benefit, the division fully utilizes its existing resource advantages and reaches consensus with customers, actively expands into new areas and markets, continuously optimizes its business model, benchmarks against “first-class” enterprises, and effectively promotes the development of new businesses, achieving win-win outcomes and sustainable development.

Since its establishment, the main customers that the International Trade Division has cooperated with are: Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Shanghai Investment and Trade Co., Ltd., Jinneng Holdings Coal Industry Group Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Huafa Commercial Trading Holdings Co., Ltd., Gansu Gonghanglv International Trade Co., Ltd., Hongqiqu Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Yankuang (Hainan) Intelligent Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Hanbo Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Transportation and Marketing Group Zhongneng Hongshixia Coal Transport and Marketing Co., Ltd., Datang Power Fuel Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Provincial Coal Transportation and Marketing Group Jianhong Investment Development Co., Ltd. and other first-class enterprises.